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This site is a work in progress created to fulfill my desire to write. It’s my goal to write weekly, although I have to admit to not always knocking that off my “to do” list. My subject list consists of skin care, beauty, inspiration, cooking and things that make me laugh.

I’ve added an area for skin care oriented questions. I’ll answer within 24 hours, even if I have to do a bit of research.

“About Me & Contact” have, also, been recently updated.

I want to extend a sincere Thanks for your visit and stop by again. please let me know you came by making a comment. As I said, this is a work in progress and there are times of wonderful change afoot!




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In the Wee Hours..

Good Morning,

You’re in Luck! I can’t sleep and so, instead of thinking too much while lying in bed, I’ve decided to write.

It’s still dark out with just a hint of light bringing on the new day. I’m up and brewing my tea and watching TED. I love Ted. It’s about “Ideas Worth Spreading”. This morning, I’ve found a video about clouds and storm chasing. As I’m steeping my tea and watching this video, I decide that not only this video, but it’s author, Camille Seaman, is now on my favorites list, then I chuckle to myself. I have so many “favorites”. When I was a little girl, I thought to have a favorite was to have one favorite. I’ve since learned that’s not true. I have many favorite clients, favorite beverages, favorite styles of music, movies and aspects of who I am.

Enjoy one of my favs :)



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